Testing Soap and Glory Hand Food and Heel Genius

Recently, I’ve noticed that I’ve had really dry hands and my heels are horrendously cracked and dry. I have tried a few Soap and Glory products before and liked them so I thought I would try two products called Hand Food and Heel Genius, because they seemed to be perfect for what I needed. I’ve been using both of these products for the past week and thought I’d share the results to anyone thinking of trying them out.

Soap and Glory Hand Food

Overall, I think that this hand moisturiser is pretty average, and it’s definitely not the best I’ve ever used, and there are probably cheaper options. It’s a typical Soap and Glory scent, and I really like the mix between fruity and floral tones. However. I find the consistency to be very sticky and oily and it takes absolutely forever to absorb into my skin, and so my hands are barely any better off now than they were last week. I could always feel the product on my skin as it never absorbed into my hands making touching anything impossible as my skin was so slippery.

Soap and Glory Heel Genius

First off, I have to start by saying how much I really love this product! For the past few months I have had awfully dry and cracked heels which had gotten to the uncomfortable stage and something needed to be done. I bought this product with low expectations as I didn’t think that just a moisturising foot cream could solve my problem alone. But I was proved to be wrong! I have been applying it every day and the putting socks on whilst letting the moisture sink into my skin and my feet are improving really quickly. They are still slightly cracked, but no where near to the extent they were before and they are still getting even better. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with the same problems as me as this product has worked miracles!