Swansea – July 2015

Last weekend, I went to my Uncle’s caravan in Swansea for the weekend. The Gower is such a beautiful place that I couldn’t resist taking lots of pictures. We didn’t get there until around 11pm on the first night so I literally just went to sleep. When it came to getting ready the next morning, I realised that I had severely over-packed. I probably had enough clothes for a week. We were originally going to a festival, so I wore this.


You can probably tell that I was shopping in the sales last week because my whole outfit costed £15.

Shoes – £6 from Primark.

Jeans – £5 in the Primark sales.

Top – £4 in the Matalan sales.

It turns out that I probably shouldn’t have worn this because we ended up going to.. well I’m not quite sure what it was. There was a river and trees, so I’m assuming that it was a forest. Me and Aimee put our wellies and walked up the river. These are some of the pictures that I took.

Later on in the day, we went to Rhossili beach, (after getting changed out of my muddy clothes), for another walk.

We went back to the caravan, I did some yoga, and read more of ‘Grey’ whilst Aimee read ‘The Book Thief’. We got up at 5.30am the next morning to come back home. We were so tired that we went to sleep on the sofa.