Spice Route Review

I went to Spice Route yesterday for lunch with my mum. We hadn’t been there in a while because it had started to go downhill and the quality was poor. But it has been around a year since the last time I went there, so we decided to go there again. I have to say, it has improved massively. If you haven’t been to Spice Route before, it is an international buffet in Cardiff Bay. I am attempting to eat healthier food and their salad selection was really good. They had a variety of different options.

Aside from the salad bar, there wasn’t really much variety with the other food. It was just the standard chicken nuggets and chips. I mean, I love chicken nuggets as much as the next person, but it is a buffet, and buffets should have more options, especially if they are going to class themselves as a restaurant that serves ‘international cuisine’. Also, I have coeliac disease, and so I can’t eat gluten, so my only option was the salad or curry. (This may not have actually been gluten free). I did end up eating the curry, but it wasn’t very nice at all. The sauce was great, but the chicken, wasn’t even chicken. In fact, I’m not quite sure what it was to be completely honest.

Desert however, was yummy. I had plain ice cream with strawberry sauce. I was half-tempted to go up for seconds, but I didn’t. Overall, I don’t think that I will be returning any time soon. It definitely wasn’t worth £7.00 for a nice salad that I could have made myself for £3.00.