Rock/Metal Shaming

A big part of a lot of people’s everyday lives is music. Music can be very influential and is definitely a big part of my life. Sometimes I wonder where I’d be without music. The media often likes to say that music defines you as a person, but they seem to perceive this as a negative. I can’t bring myself to see how. In my opinion, I think that the influence of music is such a powerful thing, and can be such a help in many people’s lives.

There is a huge stereotype surrounding different types of rock/metal music. The media often likes to say that this music is a bad influence and is more likely to make people angrier. I actually read an article today that said that listening to this music can make a person feel anxious. What they don’t seem to understand is that music can have an opposite affect on different people. Granted, not everyone likes the same genres, and that’s okay. People are being forced into stereotypes of being aggressive and angry people. I actually went to Download Festival this year, which is based around the alternative genre and the people there were so lovely Not a single sign of aggression was shown to me or anyone that I know.

Metal heads do not only listen to metal music. I myself am not at all music biased because yes I listen to metal, I also wouldn’t oppose to a bit of Beethoven. We also don’t worship Satan every night before we go to sleep.

Why do people feel the need to criticise people’s music tastes just because it’s not their type of genre. I’m not a fan of One Direction, but I don’t criticise them or people that enjoy listening to their music? I should probably stop now, or I could rant for the next month and a half. If anyone has any thoughts, comment and let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts/ideas.