Reasons I Why I Hate Mandatory Shopping

I have my first shift at work tomorrow and so I had to go into town today to buy a pair of ‘proper work shoes’. (Left it a little bit late, I know). You know when you just have no motivation to do anything? That is exactly how I felt today, yet I got on a bus and went shoe shopping. The word shoe is such a strange word. Shoe. I found a pair eventually, but why do work shoes look so unappealing?

I find shopping very therapeutic and relaxing when I go on my own terms. But the minute that there is something I need to get and am forced to venture in to the outdoors to buy that thing, that is when I have a mental breakdown. (Excuse the slight over-exaggeration).


Something that happens to me all the time, (let me know if this happens to you too), is that every time I go shopping when I need something, there is nothing there. But when I go shopping and don’t need anything, they seem to have everything that I want.

Another time this happened to me was before prom. I went the day before Prom, again leaving it to the last minute, to get my shoes and there literally weren’t any that went with my dress. There were hundreds of different types of prom shoes, yet none for me. I spent around 6 hours in town looking for a pair of shoes, until finally, I found them in the last shop we were going to go to.

This all applies even if I shop online. I will go through every inch of every single website on planet Earth and still come up empty handed. I’m 90% sure that the Universe is secretly plotting against me.

I think I actually learned something from this post after reading through it. I should probably stop leaving things until the last minute. I envy those people who have the self-restraint not to procrastinate their lives away. God bless you people. How do you do it? This has literally just turned into a rant. Whoops.

If anyone can at all relate to any of this, let me know. I really hope I’m not the only one…

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