Pride Cymru 2015

After going to Pride Cymru last year and loving it, I decided to go again this year. Personally, I support all members of the LGBTQ+ community, because the way that I look at it, they are no different than anybody else. The unfortunate thing is that not everybody thinks this way. I get that everybody is entitled to their own opinion and all, but I will never understand people who discriminate against others because of their sexual/gender preference. Anyway, we got all dressed up and colourful, (I even painted myself a pride Cymru t-shirt), and we went to the festival.

I absolutely love the atmosphere at Pride Cymru, everybody seems so free and non-judgemental, and are just there to have fun. Before it started, we were on Queen Street and the parade went passed us. Everybody was so energetic, and they were handing out free things. Somebody gave me a Nando’s voucher for a free half a chicken. I love the fact that all different companies and places get together to support the festival. People had even put signs up in shop windows.

There was live music all day, with a variety of different performers. There was also a lot of very informative stalls. If you go around to the stalls, they will tell you what they are all about and sometimes give you free stuff and leaflets. A specific stall that stood out to me was the Out and Proud stall for young people. Out and Proud is a social/support group for 13-21 year olds that are LGBTQ+. For more information, go to I think this is great as it gives people the chance to be themselves.

The rides there were pretty good, slightly overpriced, but they were fun. I went on one ride with my friend Izzy, it was £5.00 but it was so much fun!

This picture was taken by a photographer called Bradley Burdett.

This picture was taken by a photographer called Bradley Burdett. To see more of the pictures he took go to

Everybody was so friendly and welcoming, it was a great day out. I will definitely be going again next year!