Preparing For My First Holiday Abroad!

I am SO excited and extremely nervous all at the same time! As you’ve probably gathered from the title, I’m going on my first holiday abroad to Kos in Greece tomorrow, and I’m insanely unprepared and left most things until last minute which was probably not the best idea..Our flight isn’t until late tomorrow evening though, so I have the whole day to run around like a maniac to sort everything out. This includes getting up super early in the morning to go into town and buy all of the things that I seemingly forgot to buy. I also need to exchange my British money for euros, otherwise I won’t be leaving the hotel for the whole week. Learn from my mistakes and make sure to do all of this way earlier than the day you’re supposed to be leaving.

I’m going with my boyfriend, who has been abroad multiple times, which makes me feel less nervous, especially for the fact that I’ve never been on a plane before and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to react to that yet. Hopefully it will be fine. The worst thing that worries me the most though, is the heat. I’ve never been good at coping with scorching heat (although I love the hot weather), but I’m a redhead and have really fair skin, so I have a feeling I’m going to be hiding away in the shade for a lot of the time as temperatures at the moment are passing 40 degrees. It’s not something that typical miserable British weather can really prepare you for so I might as well just bathe in factor 50 sun cream and cross my fingers. It also doesn’t really help that I’m still recovering from sunburn which just doesn’t seem to want to go away.

I’m looking forward to the experience and I have been told that I’m going to catch the ‘travel bug’ and want to travel everywhere, which I definitely know is going to be the case. So wish me luck, and I will be posting updates when I get back! 🙂