Legoland Windsor Review

Last week, it was my sister’s 6th birthday, and so we went to Legoland Windsor. This was my first time here and personally, I think it was very average and slightly over-rated. It was hard to get around to seeing everything because the queue for most rides was around 40 minutes, but if you have a Q-bot ticket (fast track) then you will probably get to go on all the rides. I also wouldn’t recommend for families with children over the age of 13 as the park is aimed at children under this age.


My favourite rides from the whole park are listed here:

The Dragon

This was one of the rides that was suited to older children and even adults! The queuing time was about 20 mintues because it was one of the last rides we went on, but it would have definitely been worth the wait earlier on in the day. First, the ride takes you around the inside of the castle and then you are taken outside to the most thrilling part of the roller-coaster.

Pirate Falls

This ride was misleading at first as it takes you slowly across the water until you get to this huge drop and get absolutely soaked when you reach the bottom. I enjoyed this ride the most and I was completely drenched when I got off. Again, we didn’t queue for longer than 30 minutes because it was another one of the last rides we went on.


If you are paying full price, I think that it wouldn’t be worth the trip. Unlike many theme parks, you have to pay for parking, which was £5.00. We took our own food as the prices in Legoland for food are really high. So if you are unwilling to pay for the pricey food, I suggest you take a picnic. There are also shops at literally every corner selling Lego featured toys and it even seemed like there were more shops than rides.


I can’t fault Legoland for their amount of facilities. There are lots of restaurants and snack bars dotted around the park, whether you want to eat in or to go. There is also at least one toilet block in every section of the park. There are also many restaurants and shops. Food allergy information is posted in each Family Restaurant. This was helpful for me because I have coeliac and cannot eat wheat and gluten. They had a few wheat/gluten free options, on of these being pizza. First Aid facilities are available throughout the park and medication/treatment rooms are located in LEGO City.

Disabled Access

There are designated toilets with disabled access and each toilet has an alarm cord that can be activated in an emergency.There is also free admission for registered personal assistants with documented proof of disability. There are specific wheelchair areas at each show venue. There are benches and seating areas throughout the site.

Overall, we had a great a day out and all of us enjoyed the rides and attractions at Legoland Windsor. My sister had an amazing birthday and wants to go back. Personally, I wouldn’t return, but none-the-less it was a good day out.