Kaspa’s Review

After we went to Ed’s Diner last week, we decided to go to Kaspa’s for dessert. If you have never been to Kaspa’s, it is basically just the best dessert place ever. I have only ever been there twice because I only discovered it recently, but it is literally the best. They have an allergy list of what you can eat if you have specific allergies. It’s great that they have so many different options. It looks like a nightclub at first glance, it’s so pink and glittery! I had bubblegum ice cream and sprinkles, which I shared with my sister, and my cousin had hot chocolate fudge cake.

Overall, the service was great, staff were polite, and the dessert was amazing. To me, this seems like a cool place to go on a special occasion such as a birthday. I wouldn’t come here too often though, because it is a little bit pricey, but I will definitely be returning.