I Hate Soap

At the risk of sounding unhygienic, I have a confession, I hate soap. So much so, that I don’t use it. This probably sounds absolutely disgusting but I just can’t. All of this is because I don’t like the smell. I mean, I use a lot of hand sanitiser, but I don’t know if that is a good substitute and apparently it is really bad for your skin and it is probably the reason that I have dry hands. Also, I don’t mean I use it now and then, I mean I use it obsessively. Like all the time.

Hand Issues

To start with I have this strange issue with my hands when I hate if they feel even slightly dirty. For example, having to use computer keyboards in school made me feel sick. Normal people just think of a keyboard. I however, thing about all the people who have touched it with dirty hands. I also do something quite common which is not touching door handles in toilets. Again, I over think everything and all I can think about is the amount of people that have gone to the toilet, not washed their hands, and touched the door handles afterwards. EW. So to deal with this, I use a hell of a lot of hand sanitiser. I always carry a small bottle around with me in my bag.

Soap Issues

There is a reason that I don’t use soap, I strongly dislike the smell that it leaves on my hands. It makes me feel sick. Especially if I am eating something with my hands and I can smell it. It makes me feel as though I am transferring the smell onto my food. I don’t even know. This probably sounds really weird, but I can’t help it.


I FOUND A SOAP THAT I CAN ACTUALLY TOLERATE. It is Tea tree anti-bacterial hand wash. It doesn’t leave a sweet smell on my hands and doesn’t dry them out at all. I also sometimes use Detol hand wash. They both smell more like anti bacterial rather than soap and so they don’t bother me.

It only just occured to me how strange this post actually is, but hopefully there is somebody out there who shares my odd hand issues.


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