‘Get To Know Me’ Tag

So I figured that being as I literally started this blog yesterday, that nobody knows who I am. So why not do a ‘get to know me’ tag? I have picked 30 random questions, so I guess I’ll start answering them. 🙂


1) – What is your full name?

My full name is Courtney Rebecca Spillane. My surname is from my dads side of the family and I hate it, although I like its Irish origin, but I am thinking of changing it to Morgan. (Mums side).

2) – When is your birthday?

I was born on the 8th of June – Summer baby!

3) – What is your biggest pet peeve?

This may sound weird, but I can’t stand being around other people when they blow their noses.

4) – Favourite colour?

My favourite colour changes daily, depending what mood I am in. Today it is orange.

5) – Do you have any pets?

Okay, don’t judge me. I have two snakes, two tarantulas, a scorpion, and this is my cat, Luna!










6) – What is your nationality?

I’m British! 🙂

7) – How many siblings do you have?

2, I have an older sister and a younger sister

8) – How many languages can you speak?

Fluently, one, which is clearly English. I did German for three years, although I can barely remember anything. I also know a bit of welsh and some British sign language.

9) – Favourite time of year?

Probably Christmas because I get way too excited and know all the words to pretty much every Christmas song. Although I love dressing up on Halloween.

10) – When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be either a singer or an archaeologist.

11) – Who was the last person you texted?

*Checks phone* The last person I texted was Fuzzy saying ‘Yes, Westminster is in London’.

12) – What is your favourite animal?

Definitely a Llama! I love them!

13) – Sweets or chocolate?

I love chocolate, but probably sweets. I’m loving skittles and milkshake bottles at the moment. 🙂

14) – Tea or coffee?

I don’t like coffee, so tea. I literally do not function without a cup of tea in the morning.

15) – If you cold have one superpower, what would it be?

I guess I would want to be able to mind read, or to be able to steal other people’s super powers.

16) – Who was the last person you hugged?

Umm… Oh God. It was my friend Luke and then I followed up afterwards with ‘Do guys feel girls boobs when you hug them?’ Awkward..

17) – If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

There are probably so many things I could wish for but I’m going to be clichĂ© and wish for a hundred more wishes.

18) – Most embarrassing moment?

I can’t really think of any embarrassing moments, but yesterday I had a really awkward moment in class. Basically, my friend bought me a chocolate bar, and we were sat in English and I couldn’t find it. About half way through the lesson I went to get a pen out of my bag and I found it. I got so excited that I gasped really loud when the teacher was explaining something and so it was really quiet. Literally the whole class turned and looked at me, the teacher thought something was wrong. I then had to awkwardly say ‘I.. Um… I found my chocolate bar’. The whole class laughed at me as I put my head on the table in shame.

19) – Your house is on fire, everybody is out and safe, you can only save one thing. What is it?

I am going to assume that my phone is already in my pocket, (Not cheating at all), and I would probably have to save my laptop, because I cannot live without it.

20) – Have you ever been in love?

Does Johnny Depp  count?

21) – Which fruit would you give wings to if you could?

Well, flies tend to fly straight in to my eye quite a lot, so probably a raspberry, because it’s small and wouldn’t hurt. If a watermelon fly into my face, it would most probably decapitate me.

22) – Name three of your best friends?

Ummm… Fuzzy, Isabel and Luke:)

23) – Is it true that ginger people can communicate telepathically? 

Yes… Yes it is.

24) – Favourite vegetable?

Oooooo cauliflower.

25) – Do you have any phobias?

I have a phobia of clowns, they are just creepy. I am claustrophobic because when I was younger, me and my sister were playing hide and seek, which was a good idea until I hid in a toy box and she sat on top of it and wouldn’t let me out. Ever since then I have been afraid of small spaces.

I also have a completely irrational fear of ‘things in the dark’. I don’t mean rational things like  psychopathic murderers or anything that is remotely realistic. It’s just, as soon as the lights turn off, I fear that some kind of supernatural being is out to get me. It has gotten to the point where I sprint as fast as I can up the stairs picturing the exorcist crawling up behind me. I can’t even sleep with the TV on stand by in case the scary girl from the ring crawls out and kills me. I don’t actually believe in any ‘supernatural beings’ but either way, as soon as it gets dark, they scare the crap out of me!

26) – Is there anywhere you want to travel to?

I really want to go to Venice and Japan.

27) – Favourite subject?

Definitely English Literature.

28) – What time do you usually go to sleep?

Probably around 12am on average if I have to be up the next day for something, but otherwise around 3am.

29) – What was the last thing you bought?

I bought a mug from Primark last week.

30) – Can you invent a word and it’s meaning?

Uh… Schlaxmongrel. It is when you accidentally kill your dog with an axe.