Ed’s Diner Review

Last week, I went with my cousin and my younger sister, to Ed’s Diner. I have always wanted to go there, but it’s always really crowded and I had heard that it was really overpriced. My cousin had signed up to be a member and received a voucher for a free burger/hot dog, and wanted to use it.

For those who have never been to or heard of Ed’s diner, it is a 1950s inspired American style diner. Upon arrival, I fell in love with the red booths and retro design of the diner. They even played 50s music which made me want to dance on the tables. Thankfully, there was a sign that said ‘no dancing on the tables’ that reminded me not to. The first thing I asked was if they had a gluten free menu, and they did. Unlike most other places, the menu had a huge variety of different meals, and I could even have a burger as they had gluten free buns! Another great thing was that the gluten free meals were the same price as the normal meals, because usually they are more expensive.

Personally, I thought that the prices were the same as most other restaurants that I’ve been to. The meals had big portions and were really filling, so I thought they were worth the price. I struggled to finish my chicken burger and chips. Side note – The mint milkshake is probably the best milkshake that I have ever had in my life.

I have also just signed up to be a member so the next time I go to Ed’s Diner, I get a free burger! I will definitely be returning again soon!