Daily Skincare Routine

Below is my daily skincare routine and I just though I should mention that I get my cotton pads from usually either boots or superdrug, nothing special, and yes, I do have a slight addiction with Simple skincare products because I just love them!

Simple Kind To Skin refreshing facial wash gel

Every morning I wash my face with this face wash as it hydrates and clears my skin first thing before I put my makeup on. It’s pretty self explanatory but I just wet my face, rub a small amount of product into my fingers and then massage it into my skin. I also prefer to use warm water to wash it off.

Simple Kind To Skin replenishing rich moisturiser 

I like to use this product every morning and evening and am in love with how soft it leaves my skin feeling. Again, a small amount of product goes a long way, and I just massage it into my face with my fingertips.

Simple Kind To Eyes eye makeup remover

I usually wear quite heavy eye makeup, including thick eyeliner, which can be a pain to get off without scrubbing my face. I have really sensitive skin and can’t use makeup wipes. I have recently started using this eye makeup remover by pouring a small amount onto a cotton pad and gently swiping over my eyelids, then around my eyes to remove the smudges.

Simple Kind To Skin purifying cleansing lotion and soothing facial toner

I use this product to remove my face makeup. I rub a generous amount of lotion into my face and remove it with a cotton pad and my face makeup literally comes straight off. After this, I apply the toner to a clean cotton pad and rub it gently over my face just to remove any excess makeup and to hydrate my skin.