Boyfriend/Girlfriend Movie Debate

A common issue that me and my boyfriend have, is choosing a film to watch. Whether it be the middle of the day, or 2am in the morning, it seems that we can never actually agree on a film to watch… ever. We will literally sit in bed for an hour and a half giving suggestions over hat film to watch. Ever since it came out, he’s been trying to make me watch ‘The Kingsman: The Secret Service’ and I just never seem to be in the mood for it. But in my defence, he turns down any suggestions that I have. I can’t really complain though, because I’m mostly suggesting soppy romance movies.

This usually leads to a heated discussion, followed by 5 minutes of silence, followed by a compromise. It’s the same process every single time. We suggest movies, disagree with each other, and hell breaks loose. I really hope that other couples have this issue, it’s such a pain. It’s gotten to the point that we are planning out what films to watch in advance. For example, tomorrow we are going to watch ‘The Rum Diary’ with Johnny Depp because my mum basically told me that I have to watch it. Our main film compromises are usually anything directed by Tim Burton or that have Johnny Depp in them, which are basically the same thing. I’m 100% not complaining.

Whist on the subject of films, I need to the Suicide Squad movie as soon as possible, I’m so freaking excited. I’ve been waiting patiently for the film release but I think I’m actually in love all ready after watching ALL of the trailers. I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with Margot Robbie, as strange as that sounds. Not in a creepy way, I promise, I just think that she’s an absolutely brilliant actress, especially in her role as Harley Quinn. Though I am slightly worried, because there are a lot of critical reviews online, but here’s to hoping!