A Trip To Find A Puppy

Last weekend we went to England, (which happens to be my favourite place), to go and look at some puppies. I just realised how that sounds. We went to go and look at puppies to decide if we wanted to get one or not. I’m still not sure if this is even making sense. Anyway, the weather was so nice and we booked a hotel, and went on a 3 and a half hour long car journey. The dogs we went to see were Chow Chows and I they are literally the cutest things I have ever seen in my life. We picked one after what felt like forever and we get to go and pick her up next week this weekend! This will be the fourth dog I’ve ever had. Does fourth time lucky count as a thing? Anyway, this is her.


This is probably the cutest Chow Chow I have ever seen in my life.